Little Wedding On The Hill

What can I say... Perfect location, perfect weather, perfect wedding. Good job! and Congratulations S & J. I was happy to be a part of your special day. I had a hard time selecting the images to post. They all were so awesome!


Anonymous said...

Steve and Jacque,
I am proud of you both. Just remember to keep JESUS # 1 in your lives and he will always be there for you....
We LOVE ya BOTH. We are here for ya always!!!
It's was a LOVELY wedding...
Also the pictures from Wonderfully Made are GREAT. Would love to see more of them.

Love and Prayers
Mom and Dad Keip.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are SOOOOOOOO gorgeous! You are a real professional! I am just amazed at how beautiful and unique they are! My favorite is the last one where they are touching heads with the pasture in the background. My second favorite is them on the road in the carriage by the pond. I want to buy both of those from you. Send me prices!!!!