A break in the rain......

.....at least for awhile. Thanks for being good sports, and working fast. We didn't get too wet, and have some really nice shots. Love the colors!


Just Gorgeous!

Enough Said! Can't wait to show you the rest! Mom, You'll love the ones of the two of you together. You could be sisters.


Lots of fun. Thanks for being a good sport. Sorry about all the burrs. Did get some good smiles. I am so loving all the seniors shoots. We just have had the best weather!

One Big Family.....


.......but loved every minute we had together. I so enjoy capturing all of you every year and watching your family grow. Every personality is so fun to see. Nice to see S has a buddy now too. They are so cute together.


Another Great Family!

Seriously! this could not have been a more perfect evening or any easier than it was. Thanks guys! You were so fun and get me smiling.


Great Evening! These are great and probably the quickest session I've ever had. You guys did awesome! Looking forward to finishing the rest to show you. :-)


And Yet Another Great Senior Shoot!

J it was so nice to see you again! Let's not make it so long next time! It has been neat to see Lauren grow up into this beautiful young woman. Where did that time go??? I miss the APLJACs ha ha. See you soon!

It all started on BUS #2 :-)

You two are the sweetest couple. I love your story of meeting on a school bus in Kindergarten. WOW! That's just awesome! I loved shooting your images, and am really looking forward to your special day.

Another Beautiful Day!

It was so nice meeting your family. I had a great morning. Thanks! Looking forward to showing you the rest of your images.

Little Ricky!

For my friends who asked to post these. He is my sweet little buddy. I finally sacrificed this summer and got the boys a dog. But, during the day, he is mine. :-)


Round 1 :-)

Looking forward to the rest of your sessions. This was just the perfect day. Never would have guessed it was October. YAY!


Loving the Family Shoots!


Thanks for a great afternoon! These are just so beautiful! Can't wait to show you the rest!


Just Beautiful!!!

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Wedding! Thanks for making my morning!