This edit is very emotional for me. J is like my little brother, and this is all so sweet. Keep praying for his health.



How Beautiful

The most beautiful and heartfelt wedding ever. I was honored to capture this sweet day. This is personal. The groom is like my little brother and is struggling with his health. Prayers would be appreciated. The love between these two is simply amazing.


One More

I was describing this particular image to a friend of mine, and she really wanted to see it. So here you are "A". It is so sweet and shows the innocence and preciousness of a child. I just love it too. There are so many great images from this super fun session.


I know its a bit early, but since Saturday will be taken up with a wedding, I thought I'd wish you all a Happy Valentines Day early. Hope all of you and your sweeties have a great Day!


All the way from Ireland....REALLY!

OK, so maybe not just for pictures, but Cat has brought them here for awhile and I am so glad I got to meet you. You guys totally made my day. I know I ALWAYS say this, but I had a blast. Your family is beautiful inside and out. It was so nice meeting you. Can't wait to show you the rest of your fun images.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. True beauty lies beneath the surface.



Only one week old. Wow! so precious. We had a time trying to get her to sleep, but she did so good. Gosh darn my cold hands. She didn't like that too much. SO sweet. L, thanks so much.