Beautiful! {Morton/Peoria Wedding Photographer}

So glad we got it before the rain! :-)


The sun is out! FINALLY!

Another great morning. So glad to see the sun finally! Looking forward to showing you all the rest of your great images J!


The most unique wedding reception EVER!

The Bride and Groom got married in St. Lucia, and had the reception later in  Peoria. SO cool. Complete with this fire thrower and hula dancers. :-)



What a beautiful wedding! Even tho we had rain ALL day. The most beautiful bride. Thanks S and G. I had so much fun with the two of you. I may just have to post some more.


The Last of 2011

That about wraps it up for 2011 Seniors. I had such a great year for Seniors. Bring it on 2012.  L you did great, never would have guessed it was so cold and windy. Can't wait to show you the rest of your awesome images.