New Additions!

I captured this great family last year, and they have grown by two. So much fun you guys were. Thanks so much. Your love for God is evident in your relationship with each other. What a great testimony.
(So glad I didn't have to edit out any rat faces this year....yes.....you know who you are; tee hee just had to add that.)


Cutie Pies!

So much energy. What a great afternoon. Thanks! M, what cute kids.


Another Sunny One!

Once again we had a fabulously sunny day. Who could ask for more. Great images guys. Looking forward to showing you ALL the great ones.



These are some of the great images I was able to capture of these six cousins. Soon to be seven as shown in the first image. :-) Thanks for a fun morning!!!



Five to be exact (I'm glad we could incorporate the portrait). You guys were so fun. Thanks for making my morning! These are very special images. Four generations all together. WOW! Looking forward to showing you ALL the great images.


Love'n the Newborns

J & C thanks so much for a fun morning. What a sweet gift from God. He is just so precious. I am looking forward to capturing his sweetness as he grows!!!


Its amazing how fast our kids grow. I remember when N was born. Wow! seems like yesterday. Beautiful family J & S. Thanks for a fun evening!


Tis The Season

Beautiful family!!! I had so much fun meeting you and taking these beautiful images. Can't wait to show you the rest. Maybe one day I will photograph S on a motorcycle. ;-)



How cute is that face. What a sweet little boy.


Another Sweet One!

So loving the newborns. I also love it when sister and mom get in on the action. Seriously, this sweet little newborn boy just laid so patiently however we positioned him. You got a great little man J. Looking forward to Daddy getting in on the action too. B is super sweet. Can't wait to show them all to you.