What its ALL ABOUT for me!

Its not just about getting a smile or a perfect pose. Its about getting a piece of them, their personality, the beauty from within. We can see how we are "fearfully an wonderfully made"


i heart smiles

This weeks photo challenge is smiles. I love these baby sessions where I just keep clicking and catch the most amazing stuff. This little one was such a joy, in almost every image, she was smiling.

Check out other great images at:


One more

Ok, so I just had to post one more to get you excited to see all your great images. :-)


Seriously! This is sweet. Love them Can't wait to show them ALL to you. What a cutie with some sas!


I heart Collages

This guy loves to pose. When he got this new skate board for Christmas, he couldn't wait to show it off. He also loves to play guitar. The best of both worlds. It's collages week with iheartfaces.com click the link below to see other great collages.


The outside brought in

I love spring. It's just filled with re-birth and beauty everywhere you look. I brought these Crab Apple and Lilac Branches in to see their beauty inside and enjoy their great fragrance. The violets, my sweet boys picked for me. So sweet.


Little Sis

Two beautiful Sweeties. These are so cute. Looking forward to showing you the rest. "A" is a great big sister.

Senior Sneak Peek

 So cool! Thanks for sharing this great location! I had tons of fun. Hard to believe you are a Senior Already. S, the Black and white one is for you :-). Can't wait to show you the rest!



Sneak Peek

These are so great M. Thanks for a fun afternoon. I almost named this post Junkyard Dog. Would have fit I think. SO awesome! I can't wait to show you all the rest.  D you have a great looking son!