Sweet Sixteen

Can't believe you two are 16 already.


Just Dandy!

Beautiful Family! I had a ton of fun with you all. Your girls are a stitch. I loved every minute of it. It sure is different than having two boys. Great Job guys. J & A They are growing way too fast. These images are precious. Thanks! I will remember the strawberry mustache as one of the highlights of the day. Tee Hee.


And the Oscar Goes to.......................

Can't wait to see you on the Big Screen someday. Thanks so much. I had a really fun morning snapping your head shots. I just know that one day I will be going to see a movie with one of my grandkids and telling them I had you in my Jr High group at church. Sweet!


What a poser!

Didn't have any trouble here. She did every pose on her own. Whew! NICE!