Sweet Sixteen!

OK one more. I am so excited about all of your photos. Don't ever stop smiling! I love hanging out. Spending time with you has really shown me how God is working in your life. That is so awesome! You are so willing to serve. That is a gift.



We had so much fun today. In between the snow, rain and wind, we had a really good time. I am so glad you are back from England. I wish I could have visited you more. My kids are ready for the tickle monster again.



Two years ago, we got Danny an electric motorcycle. He begged and begged us...well me, Dad was all for it. I am a nervous mom you see. OK so now he is so good at it we decided to get him a little Honda 50 ("gas powered" as Danny puts it). He really is good. But mom is still nervous. However, not so much anymore since I have ridden it myself and even done two wheelies. Sorry, no pictures for that one. Ha Ha. Danny claims that he will be a career Motorcross rider. That's OK I guess. My knuckles will always be white though. Go for it Danny. You can do anything! And, yes we do have a nice path in the back yard. Sam rides the electric one now and boy are they entertaining!!!!!

Little Princess!

I think she really does want to be a princess when she grows up. We had a lot of fun with these. We giggled the whole time.


Sugar & Spice!

What a little beauty!


These two guys are so much fun.
This wasn't difficult either.
I am having a blast!

My Boys

Just for fun!

Senior Session

We had tons of fun at several locations.

My smooshy bugaboo!

Usually I have a little trouble getting good pics.
Thanks for sitting still long enough. You are pure sweetness!

It may be hard to believe.

Yes, they are brother and sister!
Once again an easy session!

Don't you just love feet?!?!?


They are my niece and nephew.
A ton of fun, as always!

My little man.

About every two weeks, he asks to have another session.
I don't mind.
I can't have enough photos of my kids.

Senior Session

I had a blast with her photos. Not only was the location a dream, but the images turned out exactly as I had envisioned them. I only posted one because I thought it was worth a thousand words.

Senior Session

You really get to know someone when you photograph them. I have know this young lady since she was in Jr. High. She has really grown up and strives to serve the Lord!

I can't say enough about babies.
They are so much fun! How sweet is this?


What a sweet heart! This little one says, "Hi" all the time. She loves to explore and play.

Simply Sweet!

Enough said.

A Thousand Words!

Great photos! The eyes say so much.

Total Sweetness

I realized very quickly after starting to photograph children, that I LOVE close-ups. This little angel made my work very easy.