OK, so, yes it was in the forecast, but seriously, I don't think anyone believed it. I guess we do now. Here's one pic from our backyard and one from the neighbors.


Could Olympic Gold be in this girls future???
Eight years old and competing already! She's been skating since she was five and I'll bet we'll see much more of her. Keep a lookout. Good luck on Saturday N. We are all cheering for you. J, seriously I could have posted about fifty images there are so many great ones. Thanks for asking me to capture this special event.


By Golly....

I think we got it!! S, he is just adorable, and all his images make me smile so much! And laugh! I can't believe we got these great shots in just a half hour. Good job little J!




I wanted to post this image, not just because it is the most precious ever, but to show what I see sometimes when I begin editing your images. They are so much more than just an image. They are BEAUTIFUL ART full of EMOTION, VISION.


Sweet little "W"

YAY! Aunt Jacque says, "I will babysit any time!!!" So sweet. Thanks B & J. He is just so precious. These are great images and can't wait to show you the rest.


Did I happen to mention......

That I LOVE MY JOB!!! WOW! talk about all smiles. She was so fun M. Thanks for asking me to take Zs pics. These are so sweet. Looking forward to showing you the rest of your images.


Ready and Waiting!

Anxiously awaiting new tenants! Spring is in the air. I so look forward to seeing new little birdies flying around this house this year. I love the outdoors.


I haven't posted anything in awhile. I have been swamped. It is a good thing though. I promise more session sneak peeks very soon. I have been working on props, studio stuff, blog stuff, album stuff, and of course sessions. Keep checking for updates.