A Boy and his dog.

Dramatic Black and White week. This image says so many things. It instantly became one of my favorites from this photo shoot.

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Fit It Friday!

Here is another JUST-FOR-Fun Post.  This is an image that someone else took and I edited. It's fun to see what everyone else did as well.
This is the before image:

This is my fix and creative edit:

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Sometimes I just have to share what I see when I look through my camera. This is one of those. It turned out just how I first saw it through the lens.


I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

This week is "Focusing on Angles" I just had to include this stunning shot of a beautiful December bride. Check out all the other great entries at:




Just for fun I decided to enter this photo into a contest on the I Heart Faces website. Its a great site with lots of fun things to do and see. You should try it. Just go check it out using the link for I heart faces below. This couple was so fun to shoot. They had a blast and I think this images shows their true colors.