We are fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

I just had to post another one.  Editing is a fun process for me. I see so much in every image.
This is what it's all about for me. Capturing their beauty INSIDE and out! God's masterpiece.


It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I had the most awesome day! Thanks to all of you! It was nice to meet all your family and friends. You are all beautiful, and your love for the Lord is AMAZING! Thanks for braving the cold weather. We got some awesome images!
Merry Christmas.



Super Fun Friends

Ok Girls, That was so much fun!!!. The sunset made my day. It was perfect. Your friendship is to be treasured. :-)


New Additions!

I captured this great family last year, and they have grown by two. So much fun you guys were. Thanks so much. Your love for God is evident in your relationship with each other. What a great testimony.
(So glad I didn't have to edit out any rat faces this year....yes.....you know who you are; tee hee just had to add that.)


Cutie Pies!

So much energy. What a great afternoon. Thanks! M, what cute kids.


Another Sunny One!

Once again we had a fabulously sunny day. Who could ask for more. Great images guys. Looking forward to showing you ALL the great ones.