YAY!!!!! LET IT SNOW!!!!!

YAY! Let it snow. It really feels like Christmas now. I love snow. Skiing......here we come!
Could we have a snow day tomorrow?????? Time will tell. It is so beautiful!


Favorite Time Of Year

So.....Here is our annual trip to pick out the perfect tree to place in our basement for Christmas. We always have a ball riding the tractor out to the millions of trees to choose from. I really think that riding the tractor is what the boys look forward to most. The tree... eh that's ok too.

Daniel never passes up an opportunity to pose for the camera. He's my handsome boy!


'Tis The Season

I had a blast. These images are so fun. Great ideas "S"! Can not wait to show you the tons of other great images too. Merry Christmas ;-)


I know it was cold. But, we manged to get a few good ones. And, "T" you asked to post a goofy one of "B", I have tons more. HEH HEH!



Now today truly felt like November. This is just a perfect image of fall, harvest, and Illinois.:-)


November????? Really????

I just can't believe how amazing our weather has been. Beautiful!


Family Session Quick Look

That was probably the quickest session I have ever done. We got some really good shots "J". Looking forward to showing you the rest.

Beautiful Day

We got it guys. Believe it or not there are a lot more great ones too. Can't wait to show them to you. Thanks, I had a great time.