3 mo. ALREADY!?!?

Aw, she is so stinking cute! Thanks E, I had a ton of fun. Its hard not to keep snapping when she keeps smiling. There are so many great images. Looking forward to getting them ready for you.


Where does the time go?!?!?

OK, so this year they are gone all day. Yes, my baby Sam is in first grade. When did this happen?!?! I had my first day today of them being gone all day. It wasn't so bad, but I did miss them.... Check it out. Sam is trying to give Danny bunny ears. Some things never change.


So Sweet.

Such a cute couple. Thanks guys, for bearing with the heat. We got some great images. I had a lot of fun. Looking forward to the big day!


Love the Seniors! And Its Senior Time.........YAY

P, I have to say she looks a lot like you, and all grown up. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for running all over the place. I had fun.