OHHHH the Morton Tunnels.

We will sure miss them. Really, who didn't ever go through without honking or doing some goofy thing unique to your family. I personally honked, even when I was by myself. They will for sure always be remembered. This is such a fun family!! I always have a blast with them; from the dad stopping traffic for us with a big red umbrella, or K trying to fly with the umbrella, to playing frogger so we didn't get hit, or just goofing around. Thanks for the great memories guys.


Drummer Boy

This makes my heart so happy. My Daniel is in band as a percussionist. Somehow the time flew by so fast, that now he is in Jr. High. He wanted to tryout for drum-line and worked his little fingers all summer. He was so nervous before tryouts, but we did a little photo shoot anyway. I can now relive band through my son and pleased he got what he wanted. Congrats Danny. I am so proud of you!